Eco Cleaning Products

Show your Love for the Environment!

VitaMelia , in order to express respect and love for the environment and nature, created a series of cleaning products for your home. They are powerful and safe at the same time. During their usage, you don’t need any kind of protection, artificial protection measure or specific storage. They are safe and harmless to the environment.

If you keep using them continuously, except that you will have a very clean environment, you will achieve a nifty fungicide and germicidal effect. They do not contain abrasive or corrosive ingredients. They can be rinsed completely, giving a perfect result on the surfaces where they were used. They can be mixed with cold or lukewarm water, or even with seawater.

The cleaning products of VitaMelia:

Are not toxic, flammable, corrosive
Do not contain chlorine, ammonia or phosphorus
Are biodegradable in the environment
Are suitable for any washable surface
Are effective against fat, oil, grease, petreleum and any kind of dirt
Are suitable for breaking up oil spills, as well as cleaning up birds or animals
Are excellent cleansers for the burnt grease in kitchens and ovens
Are ideal for floors which are made from any kind of material
They can clean Windows, walls, bathrooms
They can be used for carpet cleaning

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