Biosophica Body Butter & After Sun (2 in 1) (200ml)

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Bio Body Butter & After Sun (2 in 1) (150ml)

With Aloe & Pomegranate
Protection και Hydration

Aloe & Pomegranate

Protection and Hydration

Protects your skin from melanoma, which is the first in frequency factor which cause cancer.

A wonderful Bio product with aloe extract and pomegranate.

It provides deep hydration to the skin giving it elasticity. Moreover, the pomegranate extract provides natural protection from UVA-UVB radiation. As an after sun product you can use it after your bath and offer to your skin intensive hydration with natural antioxidants. It soothes and relieves, prevents irritation while it offers the necessary hydration that the skin needs in order to be healthy and soft.

Suitable even for the most sensitive skin.