NanoMask Vitamelia

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Multi-purpose  Nanotechnology Mask

Multi-purpose NanoMask Nanotechnology Mask. This mask made of nanotechnology fabric does not interfere with use. It is a pioneering proposal with hyper-hydrophobic properties, antibacterial action and does not retain odors and humidity. It blocks microorganisms while allowing smooth breathing without sweating. The nanotechnology fabric is flexible, does not wrinkle and dries quickly and does not need ironing. It is produced by the electro-spinning method and is environmentally friendly. Its properties make it a superior product and safer in contrast to common masks.

With high-tech Nano-filter fabric
With hydrophobic properties
Does not cause sweating
Offers easy breathing
It has antibacterial action
Protects against microorganisms and bacteria
It does not store odors
Easy drying
No need for ironing