All the information which is collected automatically when you browse through the pages of VitaMelia, as well as the data you enter optionally on the contact forms and/or during registration, are used solely by us and are not disclosed or with any way passed to third parties, unless if this is prescribed by court decision from the competent authorities. The storage and processing of your personal data is in accordance with the provisions of the Greek (n. 2472/1997) and European legislation.


Like all interactive Internet sites, VitaMelia uses cookies to identify its’ visitors. It is the only way, on the one hand for our server to remember your preferences (such as, for example, the language) and your shopping cart, and on the other hand, your browsing on our websites to be done smoothly without being prompted for each page for the name and password, in case you are a registered user.

You can, if you wish to, to configure your browser so as to not accept cookies from our site.


The access and use of our pages is recorded in special files called access logs. Specifically, the IP address, the type of browser that you use (user agent), the date and time of application as well as the specific url (page, graphic, file, etc) that you have requested. This is an automatic process that is specified by the http protocol, and applies to all Internet servers and sites you visit. Through this information, we can check the proper functioning of the site, and furthermore, we can draw precious (for us) traffic statistics.

The log files have a limited duration of life, and at regular intervals (usually 1 month) are being categorized and deleted. What is maintained is the total motion pictures (statistics) from which we cannot export the original individual connections.

In addition to the above standard information, our site uses javascript to extract your local time and your screen resolution. These elements participate in the same way as in the statistical procedure described (i.e., collectively and not individually) and provides us an extra help to make our Web site more user-friendly. As in the case of cookies, you can – if you wish to– to disable javascript.


About the contact form, you should be aware that we have in effect what applies for electronic mail. Essentially, this form doesn’t do anything else other than sending email to the site, as would happen if you would send it directly from the email program you use.  Your message is likely to be stored (as it is) in our server for future reference, depending on the topic, for a possible response on our part, etc. No other processing is done. Your email is considered strictly private and is not made public anywhere and to anyone. Also, you will never get any message from us without previously giving your consent.


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