Vitamelia” was founded to offer simple and natural solutions by providing products directly from the garden of Mother nature, to promote health, beauty and the environmental protection. The trade name “Vitamelia” comes from the Latin words “Vita” and “Melia” which means a better life.


Our logo reveals many things about the philosophy and the identity of our company. Which is basically anthropocentric and its aim is to promote the health and well-being of human.


The cause for the creation of “Vitamelia” was the common vision of two people and the starting point of their journey was their love for nature, humans and the holistic way of treatment. This journey led them to unprecedented paths and while walking on them, they discovered the greatness and the secrets of Nature which can give harmony to the body and the soul of human.

Their compass on this trip has been the great father of medicine, Hippocrates, who inspired them with his wisdom and proverbs such as: “prevention is wiser than cure…” and “your food is your medicine and your medicine your food“. Their companion in this journey is the Greek land which lavishly offered them the raw materials and key components for their products.

Nature can inspire and in collaboration with science, various products can be developed that play a key role in health care, containing natural Super foods. Our primary concern is the issue of health but equally important is the skin which is being cared with natural beauty recipes, and being rejuvenated.

All these were implemented with respect and love towards the environment by creating a complete line of cleaning products which follows strict standards, as well as, being biodegradable and non-toxic.                             company3

Thanks to their innovative ideas, they made amazing recipes for organic cosmetics without harmful chemicals, by offering products free of parabens, petrolatum, propylene glycol, butylene, sulfates of sodium, phthalates, formaldehyde, synthetic dyes, ethoxylates, animal derivatives, silicones, etc.

Supporters in this important project is a team of highly skilled scientists, who form the family of Vitamelia, and they cover the whole spectrum of medicine, biochemistry, physiotherapy and physical therapy, homeopathy, as well as areas such as ophthalmology, dentistry, gynaecology and Rheumatology.

The recognition of all the efforts of this long-term and painstaking project was made by professionals of Dermatology and Cosmetics medicine after systematically testing and applying the products, which praised their results.

Our products have their own identity and the company, with its high level scientific potential, is committed to provide you the maximum benefit in every health issue by using completely natural ways and by combining the most advanced methods.

VITAMELIA is a way of life. Meet with our help yourself, love your body, assist your soul.

Here at VITAMELIA, we have the methods, the cognitive tools and the dedicated people that can completely change the way you experience your life and yourself.

Our moral duty is to provide you the Supreme goodness, your “HEALTH” through the path of Nature.

Let’s return to where we were born … in nature, because “nihil in Natura fit frustra” = Nature does nothing in vain!!


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