Built your Career in the most growing industry internationally!

Start the journey of your life by being prepared properly and gain the skills that will lead you to your personal growth, success and moral satisfaction. VitaMelia will be your compass that will accompany you throughout this journey and will help you to organize your life as you truly desire and dream. Thus, you can be the freelancer you want, without any commitments and limitations. Your flag is the triptych of: health, wellness, Ecology, because it is the only professional branch that shows growth globally despite the Economic Crisis. Your destination will be a different Ithaca, a Future without Stress, Anxiety and Insecurity.


The most important journeys which remained on History, taught us that the compass plays an important role because it is a mean of guidance and aids the journey to be successfully completed. Without this, the journey doesn’t have any specific course, or destination …



Experience Joy and moral satisfaction, because simultaneously with your work you can be useful and beneficial to your fellow human beings!

Why somebody should choose VitaMelia as a compass for his personal journey?

  • Because humans always had, have and will have the need for better health, better nutrition, better functioning and strength of our organisms, for the prevention of serious illnesses, especially in times when health provisions are much expensive and too many of our fellow citizens have no social insurance, nor the ability to have any hospital care.
  • Because more and more women as well as men realize now the importance andvalue of natural carefor the relaxation and renewal of our skin by using organic cosmetics, which are not detrimental for our organisms and have amazing results for our health and outward appearance.
  • Because our sensitivity to protect theEnvironmentis increasing and the choice to use ecological detergents, is becoming more and more a life attitude!
  • Because there is no need to convince people to buy our products, they simply have to change their habits and to choose what we offer them!With Vitamelia’s unique and scientifically testified products for health and beauty, we alwayshave satisfied customers because we shape and build long-term relationships by providing services and products which are absolutely useful for them. That means a stable and recurring income, forever!


Welcome to your own Life Journey, Personal Growth and Freedom where there are unlimited possibilities to make your goals, dreams, and aspirations true.

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