Quality control

VitaMelia undertakes and guarantees to her consumers, products of excellent quality and maximum effectiveness. This is achieved during the manufacture and production by using quality control procedures. These kind of procedures are necessary and essential because they can guarantee the validity of the products from the moment of their production, until the moment of their consumption. The high standards which are maintained are of great importance, because they offer the ability to Vitamelia’s products to retain their original potency even after a few months from the time of their production. The reason that these kind of procedures are not listed on the package is because they are not required by law.

In summary some of these will be referred below:

1. The raw materials are tested and certified by strict European Standards, GMP
2. The products are manufactured in compliance with strict European regulations GMP.
3. The raw materials are being stored by taking special measures to protect them from heat and humidity, to ensure that there won’t be any alterations.
4. Coordinated market systems, storage, production and distribution systems are being applied to minimize the time that raw materials and completed products remain in warehouses.
5. Raw materials are being checked at the time of their arrival by using specialized test.
6. The ingredients listed on the label of each product, are involved in the synthesis of the product at a quantity of 100%.
7. After the packaging of the products, are being checked again so the 100% quantity of ingredients is confirmed.
8. The containers which are used are appropriate and constructed in such a way so to not adversely affect the product and its potency, as well as to limit the effect of light, humidity and heat.
9. Vitamelia’s cosmetic products are registered on the competent Authorities (CPNP) which govern the legislation of cosmetics in Europe.
10. Periodically we make analyses, so to ensure the original effectiveness of products under normal circumstances.
11. We sent sample of all products to an independent laboratory to confirm if all quality standards are being met.

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